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The DARK Truth Behind Salt Bae…(SHOCKING)

The DARK Truth Behind Salt Bae Exposed!!! (SHOCKING)

Salt Bae aka Nusret Gökçe is an internet sensation, going viral from the “salt bae” meme in 2017 he has launched an empire in the form of his Nusr-Et Steakhouse. With its iconic Gold steaks worth over $1000, salt bae is catering to the extremely wealthy. This is shown on Salt Bae rapidly growing instagram page in which he posts pictures of the A list celebrities that dine there (The likes of Conor Mcgregor, Maradona, Drake, Dj Khaled). Through the lense of Salt Bae Instagram page it all looks like a well run operation, but this is a long shot from the truth. Salt Bae has been sued many times for bad practices within his Nusr-Et Steakhouse and seems to be happy to rip off his own employees as long as it is at his own benefit. Watch the video to find out more!!

What do you think about Salt Bae? Has this video changed your opinion on him? Comment below!!

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  1. Off the topic but is anyone bothered how the island boys are getting famous, ik they’re a meme but dam nowadays u just gotta act stupid enough to get there and it’s actually good ppl out there that deserve it

  2. What the fuck is the dude doing with his money if he can't pay his employees, the people building his restaurants, and has to steal his artwork for products?! 🤔….bet a lot of it goes up his nose 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  3. Mate, he isnt forcing people to attend his restaurant. We living in a social media Era where if you can get it then GET it. If someone said you can charge people 10k to watch you on YOUTUBE, you telling me you wouldnt upload videos?…..exactly, even if what you uploaded was poor content. Nobody a saint and I always say if he isnt hurting you or your family and friends then WHO CAREEES!!!!!.

  4. how much can a cut of steak wholesale cost? he's got to be making a killing and hes still stealing tips and underpaying? yikes lmaoo

  5. For a high end restaurant the price of the food really isn’t that insane. The wine is where he got em but when ur buyin high end wines you should expect to pay a ton of money at the top end restaurants. Then the things like $1000 for the golden steak. Shit like that is a novelty/status dish. People buy them to flex not because it’s actually worth that much. Look at that I e cream shop in my called serendipity. They have a $1000 ice cream dish because there’s gold leaf on it and you don’t see people getting pissed at the bill. They know there going to be spending money when they order that shit. Regarding the other things like not paying people. That’s just him being a greedy little bitch.

  6. I’ve eaten at his steakhouse in NYC, right after they opened and it was wildly over priced and say that even though the food was very good. It just seemed like a monument built around a tiny man’s massive ego that screams overcompensation. Pictures of this man’s dumb face were everywhere. Not joking, it was everywhere! Forks, knives, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and more, not to mention the massive portrait in the middle of the dining room. Any chef worth their salt (pun intended) wants to make their food the star, not their face. It sucks to hear how he treats his employees because, in my experience, the staff was the high point of the evening. Always thought this guy was a douche, didn’t even want to go to his restaurant but it was for an occasion and couldn’t miss.

  7. Unfortunately I live in turkey… originally from America. but i will say hands down turkey has the shittiest working environments I’ve ever seen. Salt bae is just a product of the Turkish government and culture which is sad 😢 I work as an English teacher and often times I don’t get paid on time. I stay later and don’t get compensated and if I complain they promise to change but never do. And I’m AMERICAN! Imagine what Turks go through? The employees are also scared of their managers and don’t even get me started with assault. Some placed permit physical violence and say it’s YOUR fault for getting into the scuffle and usually these places give no insurance, that, you have to get from a separate faculty.
    Yep. Absolute shit.
    And the Turkish people don’t deserve that. No person deserves that

  8. I find it absurd when we call people out for greed and fame getting to them. It could have been all of us and it normally happens to most of us once we are introduced to them. Very much the human thing.

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