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Coach Javier Mendez Enjoys Feast with @Czn Burak in Dubai

JavierMendezAKAPodcast #CZNBurak #FamousChef #JavierMendez in Dubai Coach Javier Mendez Enjoys a Feast with @Czn Burak in Dubai after UFC 267.

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  1. I'm happy for Coach that he got to have khabib and his boys under him as their coach , and now he is enjoying the life the fullest , being associated to those boys…
    Enjoy every bit of it Coach 🙂

  2. Coach Javier has taken over AbdulManap as a guardian who they all love and respect. Unlike Abdulmanap, they have that leeway of having more fun with him but the respect is always there

    One day we will all get old, fighters will start getting older, no new fighters from dagestan,
    New generation might not have the same respect, same desire and we will all reminisce, oh the good old days, those were beautiful times…

    May allah reward all them brothers

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