Czn Burak

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan ,having lunch with UncleSaeed and friends at Czn Burak Resturant in Dubai

fazza #فزاع #cznburak #dubai.

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  1. 👌🤲📿👁🥰😍💋💋💋💪🤝🤗💌💘❤💘❤💘❤ve Im in love with your eyes
    That sets my soul on fire
    In the midst of the silvery moonlight
    The shores of love in your site
    Take my hand
    Take me in your arms
    Promise me you'll never go
    Your my true love
    My best friend
    My soul mate
    My twin flame
    My king is my precious crown I wear everyday with a smile in a bliss
    May we always remain in love forever 🥰❤❤❤🤗

  2. That cheese dish looks good and the way he gets all the vegetables in the large pan in layers. Everyone enjoying eating together is special food tastes better 🙂💐

  3. Wow 🤩 very special moments with friends and family members and very special good blessing happiness with everyone’s family members and friends thank you 🙏❤️✊🤩❤️may always blessing everyone’s amen 🙏

  4. If respected chef like CZN burak of Dream city of Dubai food not eaten by any foreigner and all dubai and UAE citizens, then very sad. How much hard work do with less time for making all receipes either veg., Non veg. And sweets, whatever chef, all made by his soul, heart and his mind experience with happy mood with smile face, which food whosoever eat, get more energy and got good health with promise every food lover to come again and again in this Resturanent, which is more powerful sign to growth his future business. I had seen his whole videos, which I liked very much and I wish his business shd be increased in future more in the coming Tourisum and travellers business also. He hv experience of all types of work in the kitchen from A to Z and do himself, which no chef I hv seen himself, still i had seen in my life and he don't feel shame to complete himself to do so every work of kitchen like tandoor to whole receipe and , what ever work in kitchen, he wants to show his credibility to every one, which are liked by everybody very much fro for and chef made more quantity of non veg. food for hosting a big parties also. Nobody can compare with his capability. I thank you, whosoever proprietor director helping him, I say thank you him also. I request you to please send daily food to respected crown prince of dubai Hamdan, so that his health can got good after eating good food, which made by your good hands with smiling face. Tku chef CZN Burak ji.

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